The Hope Prize

The Hope Prize is a writing competition run by The Brotherhood of St Laurence to raise awareness about poverty and disadvantage in our community. The inaugural competition in 2016 received over 1,000 entries and the judging panel comprised Kate Grenville, Cate Blanchett and Quentin Bryce with the early rounds judged by senior editors at Simon & Schuster and Readings Bookstore. 

My story, The Extra Piece, was one of ten entries selected for publication in 'Hope: An Anthology', which is available from Readings or Simon & Schuster

The Extra Piece is the story of an asylum seeker struggling to adapt to life in her new country. She is part of a mothers' group and although the other women are kind to her, she never quite feels like one of them. The story centres around the moment she realises that in order for others to reach out to her, first she needs to open her own arms wide. 

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