Little Gems

Little Gems is a short story competition run by Romance Writers of Australia. Each year a different gemstone is selected and entrants are asked to use the gem as the theme for their story. The top entries are published as an anthology. I am thrilled to have been a finalist four years in a row.

2017—Onyx Magic

Onyx was selected as the gem in 2017. Onyx is a black stone, said to defend against negativity and help release sadness, while assisting with letting go of unhappy relationships. An interesting gemstone to build a romance story around!

Onyx Magic is about Rachel, a woman who’s struggling to deal with her failed marriage, until a very special someone comes into her life—a lost dog with an onyx attached to his collar. As Rachel attempts to track down the dog’s owner, the gemstone works its magic on her, sweeping thoughts of her ex from her mind and opening her heart to the possibility of finding love once more.

The onyx anthology is available now on Amazon.

2016—The Sunstone Heart

In 2016 sunstone was chosen as the featured gem. Sunstone is known as a joyful stone and is said to inspire the nurturing of self in order to be of service to others. It wasn't too hard to come up with a story around this gorgeous theme.

The Sunstone Heart is about a skeptic named Cara who visits a clairvoyant wearing her grandmother's sunstone ring on her wedding finger as a decoy. The clairvoyant isn't fooled and suggests she wears the ring as a pendant to bring the wisdom of her heart into alignment with her thoughts. She tells her she has great love ahead, but only if she takes the time to look after herself instead of always worrying about everyone else. For someone like Cara, taking this advice isn't easy, but with a not-so-gentle shove in the right direction from her best friend, she soon finds out exactly what happiness awaits her when she takes a moment to stop and listen to her heart.

The sunstone anthology is available now on Amazon.

2015—Peridot Eyes

In 2015 peridot was chosen as the gem. I'd never heard of this gem so immediately consulted my good friend, Google, to find out about it. It's a beautiful, green coloured stone that was said to have once been given by Napoleon to Josephine. What more inspiration did I need than that!

Peridot Eyes is a story about a successful barrister named Josephine who's haunted by dreams about a man with peridot eyes. She lives in hope that her dreams are a sign that her Napoleon is close, but is aware that in ancient times dreams of peridot foretold impending danger. She soon discovers that her dreams mean both these things.

2014—My Moonstone Love

The selected gem for 2014 was the moonstone. A little bit of research told me that the ancient Romans believed rays of the moon solidified and fell to earth as these beautiful stones. The moment I read that, I had my idea for my story.

My Moonstone Love is a story about a moonstone that's been handed down by the women in Arianna's family for generations. The stone has special powers and when placed under your pillow on the night of a full moon, it will draw your one true love into your life. As we follow Arianna on her quest to find love, we learn of her beloved Gran and how the stone led her love to her door. But Arianna's path is not so simple. Has she broken the magic? Will she be the first woman in her family who fails to find her moonstone love?

Little Gems Anthology