Tournaments of Thaw

Four teens. Seven tournaments. One survivor.

Remnants of Thaw

In a world devastated by global warming, the factions in the Outlands are warring. People are hungry. Desperate. And aware that survival comes at a price.

The Tournaments have been announced. Deadly games that can only have one survivor. Games that will unite the factions as one true leader seizes power of all the remaining lands. The People of Cy have spent their lives training to make sure they win. The People of Fairbanks are considered as weak as they are doomed. Nobody expects they’ll enter….

But for the Tournaments to take place, each faction must be invited. Including Fairbanks.

When twin warriors, Lexis and Raze, set out with the token invite, they know they’ll find a crumbling city. But they’re surprised to find another set of twins, so much like themselves yet so very different. Winter and Gray don’t know how to fight, but they sure know how to run.

As a desperate chase through the decaying city begins, discoveries will be made, and lives will be lost. Each twin will need to learn as much about each other as they do about themselves.

In an environment that’s as harsh as the people who live in it, these four teens know they’re the future. The problem is that only one of them will get to see it.


Tournaments of Thaw

The Outlands are a deadly place to grow up. In a world devastated by global warming, resources are scarce. Humanity and kindness are even scarcer. The struggle to survive is a deadly war. And a bitter one.

Because great riches lie just over the waters. There’s one place that has everything the Outlanders could ever want.


But to seize power, they’ll need to unite the factions. And choose a leader. Only the strongest will succeed. The one person who can do what needs to be done—attack Askala and share in their riches.

The Tournaments are announced. Deadly games where there can be only one winner.

No one expects siblings to enter…let alone two sets of twins.

Lexis and Raze. Born to rule, trained to win.

Winter and Gray. Born to poverty, expected to lose.

In a world where survival comes first, there’s no room for mercy. Loyalty. Or love. And yet four teens are going to have to choose what matters most.