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Finding Elara Podcast, June 2019
I was interviewed by the amazing DL Nix on her podcast, Finding Elara, where we talk about world building, mindfulness and my new series, The Kingdoms of Evernow. 

Book review on 'Big Fat F Blog', April 2019
Big Fat F reviewed and recommended my new release, The Whisperers of Evernow.

Meet the Author blog post by DD's Diary, April 2019
Appearance on DD's Diary by Alice Castle to talk about my new release, The Whisperers of Evernow.

Author Interview by Sarahlyn Bruck, August 2018
I popped in on fellow author Sarahlyn Bruck's blog to have a chat about The Soulweaver series.

Writing Fear blog by CJ Sutton, June 2018
Author, CJ Sutton, asked me to write about my greatest fear for his series of blog articles. Here's my response:

The Opening Scene by Joan Livingston, June 2018
I appeared on Joan Livingston's fascinating blog series asking authors to write about the opening scene of their novel. I chose to talk about The Soulweaver. 

Endorsement for new release by Cristina Hodgson, May 2018
So honoured to have been asked to endorse a new release, Valentina, written by the wonderful, Cristina Hodgson.

Author Interviews by Fiona Mcvie, May 2018
An interview by Fiona Mcvie about my life an as author. 

Sunday Spotlight, Australian Women Writers, April 2018
I was featured by Australian Women Writers for their Sunday Spotlight with an interview by 'Words and Leaves'.  

'My best reads of 2017', Duvet Dwellers Books, January 2018
The Soulweaver was listed by Duvet Dwellers Books on their best reads list for 2017. What a huge honour! Here's the link:

PsychWriter - Grit for Writers, January 2018
Thrilled to have my own story of 'grit' included in Tamar Sloan's writing resource 'Grit for Writers.'

Bookangel review of The Moonchild, December 2017
A wonderful review by Bookangel on my prequel novelette, The Moonchild.

Taking Care of Business with Jacki Mitchell on RPPFM, November 2017
I was a guest on the radio program 'Taking Care of Business' with Jacki Mitchell on 98.7FM, alongside Stephanie Asher and Pippa Hanson. You can listen via podcast using the below link., November 2017
Details of my novelette, The Moonchild, including reviews. Now available as a free book when signing up to my newsletter.

Words and Leaves, Guest Blogger, 14 February 2017
Just in time for Valentine's Day, I pop in on the Words and Leaves blog to let you in on my top ten things every romance novel must include. 

Words and Leaves, Interview with Heidi Catherine, 19 November 2016
I was interviewed on the blog, Words and Leaves, about how it felt to be a highly commended author in the Hope Prize as well as the process behind writing my story, The Extra Piece. 

Hope: An Anthology Launch at Readings on 14 November 2016
My short story, The Extra Piece, is being launched as part of Hope: An Anthology at Readings bookstore on 14 November. Details of the launch are available on the Readings website.

The Sunday Age, Interview with Judges of The Hope Prize, 6 November 2016
Two of the judges from The Hope Prize, Cate Blanchett and Quentin Bryce, were interviewed in the Sunday Age where they discuss how they were affected by the stories in Hope: An Anthology.

Words and Leaves, Guest Blogger, June 2016

I was a guest on the 'Words and Leaves' blog where I joined Weezelle to discuss the all important topic of whether or not I'd choose Mr Darcy over Twilight vampire, Edward Cullen. My answer may surprise you!

Interview in Hearts Talk, Romance Writers of Australia, March 2016
I was interviewed by Hearts Talk, the official journal of Romance Writers of Australia, about winning the inaugural Emerald Pro award. They asked me about what it meant to  me to win the award, if I have a formula for a page-turner and how to make short stories stand out.

Taking Care of Business with Jacki Mitchell on RPPFM, September 2015
I was a guest on the fabulous radio program 'Taking Care of Business' with Jacki Mitchell on 98.7FM. You can listen via podcast using the below link. My interview starts 13 minutes into the recording.

Northcote Leader, 2 September 2015 

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