HC Michaels

HC MICHAELS is a pen name for Heidi Catherine's domestic suspense novels. 

Skye and Theo Manis have the perfect life—wealth, good looks and a happy marriage. But no matter how much their life shimmers on the surface, secrets lurk beneath the murky depths.

When Skye and Theo’s lives take an imperfect turn, one of them ends up dead and the other charged with murder. But in a world where the lines between reality and fantasy have blurred, figuring out who’s really guilty isn’t a simple task. Nobody can be trusted, least of all the one person who needs their voice heard the most.

As unimaginable lies are exposed, nothing in life is as it seems. The truth always rises to the surface. All you have to do is wait.


What would you do if your DNA linked you to a crime you didn’t commit? Elvira has a heartbreaking secret. Tessa is more connected to the family she works for than she realizes. Kosta has more to hide than all of them.  

When this fractured family is brought together by a tragic death, they must travel to a tropical island to organise the funeral. They’re about to discover they’re not the only ones harboring explosive truths.

 A string of violent crimes follows them, and nobody can figure out the connection. When a member of this troubled family becomes the next victim, the suspicion grows. Key evidence suggests one of them is a serial killer. But how do you prove your innocence when everything is pointing to you?

 As the case blows wide open, Elvira, Tessa and Kosta are about to discover if blood really is thicker than water.