The Soulweaver Series

BOOK 1 The Soulweaver

Two girls. Two lives. One soul. 

Long before her time was supposed to be up, Hannah finds herself in the Loom, the place where souls are woven into the life they must live next. Except Hannah wasn't ready to leave her old life. Nor was she ready to leave Matthew... 

As the weaving takes place, Hannah fights to hold onto a part of herself, knowing it's the only way to solve the mystery of her death. Her memories are her link to the boy who tried to save her. Her last hope of ever finding him again. 

In a faraway city, Lin is born. As she grows, her dreams become haunted by faces of people she's never met. Of a boy her soul aches to be with again. But she also has a life of her own. And when a stranger called Reinier seeks her out, her heart is torn in two. 

Lin must decide if she follows the thread that's tugging her toward the life she shouldn't remember, or if she weaves herself a new life.

Winner of RWA's Emerald Pro Award.


BOOK 2 The Truthseeker

Two sisters. Two worlds. One truth. 

In a future world where humans have been driven underwater to hide from the deadly rays of the sun, a soul has been reborn. Maari is the new girl in town and her arrival has upset a powerful force in the sky. The Soulweaver will do anything to keep her away from Nax, the boy she's inexplicably drawn to. 

Including trying to take Maari's life. 

Nax and Maari must travel to the depths of the ocean to visit an old woman known as the Truthseeker. She warns them to run as far away from each other as they can. But staying apart isn't possible when you've found the person who brings your soul to life...

Meanwhile, two sisters are born into extreme poverty, quickly discovering the key to their survival is their strength together. It isn't until one sister threatens to steal the love of the other that their bond shatters, and a true struggle begins.

As these two stories merge into one, we discover that when soulmates meet, there's nothing that can keep them apart. Except love.


BOOK 3 The Shadowmaker

Two strangers. Two planets. One epic conclusion.

Forced to leave his family behind as Earth is destroyed, Buzz finds himself hurtling away from everything he knows and loves. Alone. Frightened. But alive.

He lands on a deserted planet. A place so similar to Earth, yet so very different. Just as he wonders how he'll survive, a girl with a familiar soul emerges from a civilisation deep under the ocean and changes everything once more.

Without so much as a language in common, Buzz and Nahlah must learn to thrive. Together, they create a new kind of world to live in - one that not only binds them but draws others to their side.

It's here that two worlds will finally become one. As hearts merge and threaten to break, souls will entwine, and we discover if the power of soulmates is greater than the power of time. 


Kindle Box Set

All three books in the series are available as a kindle box set.


The Moonchild

The Moonchild is the touching prequel to The Soulweaver series and is available as a FREE novelette when you sign up to Heidi Catherine's newsletter. 

To touch the moon, you have to catch a falling star.

When Charlie meets Essie as a young child in outback Australia, he’s drawn to her in a way he doesn’t understand. She’s so different to him, yet somehow they’re exactly the same.

As they kick up the red sand of the desert by day and sit on the porch with their eyes glued to the stars by night, they learn that they’re capable of so much more than they imagined.

Never forgetting the time they spent together, when they meet again as adults they discover the impact they had on each other’s lives. But when Essie’s star threatens to fall, Charlie refuses to believe that he may not be able to catch her this time.

This is a story of an unlikely friendship with bonds that last not just for a lifetime, but far beyond.