The Kingdoms of Evernow

Free Prequel - The Kingdoms of Evernow

Five kingdoms. Five senses. One secret that will change them all.

Gabrielle is all alone in the world. Reading real fortunes from a fake crystal ball, her life is plagued by hunger, hardship, and terrifying visions.

When Gabrielle meets Cassius, she’s shocked by what she foresees. She cuts his reading short, but Cassius isn’t so easily deterred. He knows Gabrielle’s the angel he’s been searching for all his life. He also knows she’s his greatest love. A love that has complications of its own…

The more Gabrielle and Cassius are drawn to each other, the more they fight against the plan the universe has mapped out for them. Can they use their gifts to trick fate and forge a happy life together? Or are they trapped in a future neither of them can change?


Book One - The Whisperers of Evernow 

When the King owns your words, who will own your heart?

Manipulated by a vicious King, Jeremiah is stripped of his identity and forced into a life of silent submission as a Whisperer. Allowed only to speak at the command of the King, one thousand Whisperers must line up in rows and chant their sadistic ruler’s darkest desires. As each evil wish comes true, the King’s power over his impoverished kingdom grows.

When Jeremiah’s fears for the family he left behind are confirmed, he turns in desperation to the most unlikely person for help—the King’s eldest daughter. But is Princess Rose as kind as she is beautiful, or will she lure him into a trap?

To save those dearest to him, Jeremiah has no choice but to put his trust in Rose, whose own life is threatened as her father prepares to clear the path to the throne for his newborn son. Together they embark on a bold plan to overthrow the King and set the Whisperers free.

As love blossoms in this most unlikely place, Jeremiah and Rose must discover how to use the power of the spoken word to conquer more than just the kingdom. They will need to conquer their hearts.


Book Two - The Alchemists of Evernow 

Will she wake up in time to smell the evil, or will the Alchemist conquer them all? 

Trapped in the spell of an elixir made by an evil Alchemist, Jasmine is sleepwalking through life unaware that her mind isn’t her own. Life around her is crumbling—men are dying, and women are falling victim to the Alchemist’s cruel scent of magic, and nobody can see it.

When the Alchemist takes Jasmine’s brother captive, she’s woken from her dream and sees life for what it’s become. But is she too late to save her brother and outsmart the Alchemist and his plans to control them all?

She seeks help from Ari, a stranger who sweeps into her life and sets all her true senses alight. Despite having a missing sister and secrets of his own, Ari decides to help Jasmine, believing that his problems are connected to hers. As they unravel the clues, they become convinced that the key to Jasmine’s brother’s disappearance is the same one that will unlock the mystery of where to find Ari’s sister.

As love blooms in the Garden of Evernow, Jasmine and Ari fight against time to release the magic of the plants and create an elixir even more powerful than the Alchemist himself.


Book Three - The Empress of Evernow 

How can she rule a kingdom, when the kingdom rules her every move?

Rani is heir to a kingdom where human touch is outlawed. Surrounded by a harsh desert and ruled by a vicious Board, every twenty-eight turns of the sand, the women must submit to a siring to save the declining population. Rani has no say in any of this, forced to comply or be released into the desert and left to die.

But Aarow knows there’s another way to live. That touch is no longer deadly. That it’s time to break down generations of fear. All they need to do is start a revolution…

As love sparks in the hot desert sands, Rani and Aarow will need to unite and lead a battle to set the people free. Free to live the life they choose, free to raise their own children and free to place their hands on the people they love.


Book Four - The Guardians of Evernow 

Will he sacrifice everything for the one who sacrificed it all? 

River is a Guardian, bred for courage and trained to fight. Her duty is to serve her King and her future was scripted long ago—marry a male Guardian and strengthen the bloodline of the next generation. But when the King decides his own bloodline must be strengthened, River’s bestowed the honor of marrying his son, and her future slips even further out of her grasp.

Tate is a Prince whose heart is as kind as River’s is strong. He’d rather protect the vulnerable and care for his reclusive sister than rule a kingdom. But he knows the time has come for him to step up. Marrying without love isn’t something he wishes for either, but he has no choice if he’s to take the throne and ensure the kingdom will live in peace.

But someone else has their eye on the throne… Someone who knows all about the tonics that are the key to the Guardians’ strength, and he’ll stop at nothing to bring the kingdom down so he can rule them all. Setting out on a path of destruction, he makes a cunning plan to marry the Princess and remove anyone standing in his way.

River and Prince Tate must work together as team to save the kingdom. As Guardians mysteriously die, boundaries are pushed and the threat of an invasion looms, they’ll discover if their marriage is built on more than just convenience. Is it possible that it’s also built on love?


Book Five - The Angels of Evernow

Will the Evernow be united at last, or will the wicked Queen blind them all? 

Taken far from her home, Lily has been forced to mine for treasures alongside an army of starving children. Until the Queen decides she’d like the King to present her with the greatest treasure of all—a daughter.

Lily is brought to the Queen’s bejewelled palace in the middle of the angry sea, only to discover the Queen is as mad as she is selfish. She demands Lily tell her bedtime stories, polish her crystals, and dive into the freezing ocean to search for the magic treasure she lost when she threw it from her tower in a fit of rage.

As Lily fights the madness that surrounds her, she attempts to unlock the power of the crystals to call on the four Angels she dreams of each night. Unless this is a sign she’s going mad herself…

Raphael has been having dreams of his own. Blessed with inexplicable visions of the future, he sees Lily trapped in a faraway kingdom, feeling her cries for help deep in his heart. Could Lily be the missing piece of his life that nothing else has been able to fill?

With only one way to find out, Raphael gathers an ambassador from each of the Kingdoms of Evernow and together they set out to defeat the Queen, release the children from her greedy rule, and bring Lily home. But will the Evernow be united in peace at last, or will the mad Queen use her power of sight to capture them all?


Kindle Box Set

All five books in the series are available as a kindle box set.