Elemental Games

Elemental Games

Book 1

Elemental powers. Deadly games. No escape. 

When Aura and Hayze wake up with six others in a place they’ve never seen, they know three things.

They’re childhood enemies.

No one remembers how they got here.

And there’s no way out.

In a world with no rules or reason, there’s so much they don’t know. Why they’re so drawn to each other. Why they can bend an element to their will. And why each day is deadlier than the last.

Aura and Hayze need answers because one thing is certain. Their lives depend on uncovering what is truth and what is reality.

An intoxicating thrill ride packed with twists, romance and nail-biting action! Lovers of Maze Runner and The Hunger Games will devour Elemental Games.


Elemental Uprising

Book 2

Hayze has been cast out of a world that makes no sense yet holds the only thing that ever felt right.


Getting back into the Elemental Games would mean helping her survive when so much is stacked against her. But it would also mean leaving behind everything else…

Aura is trapped and the one person she was never meant to trust has been torn away, leaving her to fight the Elements alone. Harnessing her powers has never been more important. Her life depends on it.

Is Hayze and Aura’s forbidden love their destiny or will it be their downfall? Because when the lies outweigh the truth, their enemies are about to become the only ones they can trust.


Elemental Wars

Book 3

Hayze and Aura have broken free. Only to discover they’re nowhere close to being in control of their fate.

The time has come for them to take down those responsible for the chaos that’s been raining down upon them. But with each Elemental power they learn to harness, Mother Nature steps up her war. And life in the Quadrants is getting even more difficult as the divide between the capitals widens.

Hayze and Aura desperately cling to the only thing that feels real—their love. But how can you love in a world drenched in deceit? How can you trust in a Game you’re destined to lose?

And how can you hold on when everything around you is falling apart?


Elemental Solution

Book 4

The ultimate enemy has been uncovered. Except the threat is far more devastating than they expected. Which is going to make it even harder to defeat.

Winning this war will require more than just Elemental powers. It’s time for the Quadrants to unite.

Fire. Water. Air. Earth.

Together, everyone is stronger. Can the Quadrants tear down their walls in time to stop the evil? Because time means everything in a world that means nothing...

Without love.


Kindle Box Set

All four books in the series are available as a kindle box set.