The Sovereign Code

Harvest Day 


Humans saved bees from extinction…

and created the deadliest threat we’ve seen yet

The loss of bees was heralded as the sixth wave of extinction. Economies crashed. Ecosystems collapsed. Wars were waged as countless starved. Luckily, humans were able to alter bees’ genetic code to deal with the hazards of pesticides and disease.

Inadvertently making their venom fatal to humans.

River grew up in the Green Zone, a haven for those who are Immune. Bees are free to fly, pollinating their prolific crops. Echo was raised in the Dead Zone where bees are exterminated so vulnerable humans like her can live. Stealing from the heavily guarded Green Zone is a necessary part of survival.

River and Echo are both in their seventeenth year. They’re both about to have their immunity tested. And they’re both about to have their futures forever altered.

Ultimately, they’re about to become part of the final fight for human survival. Are bees really the enemy they need to defeat? Or is mankind a far greater threat…


Hive Mind


The hunt for the Sovereign has begun

Echo and River have blurred the line between Dead Born and Green Born, revealing the ultimate secret. They’ve discovered there’s a way to save humanity. The Sovereign is the one who carries true immunity against the deadly superbees.

And now they must find her.

As the first Dead Born to have Immunity, Echo is the logical conclusion. Except countless have died in the search for the Sovereign. Because the one way to be sure is to be stung by a queen bee.

Only the true Sovereign will survive.


Queen Hunt


Protecting the Sovereign has never been more deadly

Time is running out. The Sovereign needs to be protected before the Green Zone can claim her for themselves. At the cost of everyone else.

As the seeds of rebellion brew, impatience threads its way through the Dead Zone. Vulnerables are questioning the fairness of the life they’ve been born into. Soon, Echo and River find themselves in danger on both sides of the giant net that’s supposed to keep them safe.

Where do you run when you have no place to call home? Who do you trust when nobody is who you thought they were? And is it really possible to save everyone?


Venom Rising


A war for Immunity has been waged

A formula has been created. One that will ensure immunity for all. But it’s been stolen as a hidden enemy undermines every step to save the Vulnerables. Echo is doing everything she can to hunt the saboteur. River is about to discover he’s more connected to this than he ever thought possible.

As they both learn they can’t escape their roots, the people of the Dead Zone make it clear they’re no longer willing to be cast aside. Immunity should be granted to all, not just the selected few. An uprising is inevitable. And the wealthy inhabitants of the Green Zone are determined to end it before it begins.

Echo and River will have to choose between love and loyalty. Because the race to find the formula has begun. And the fate of humanity depends on their success.


Sting Wars


The final battle for Immunity has arrived

Echo and River have fought for one thing—Immunity for all. And yet, it’s never been that simple. The truth has always been out of reach.

Now, the Razers want justice. The Green Borns want to protect humanity’s last stronghold. And as war erupts, the dream of one Zone may finally come true. The Extinction Zone.

Because the machines of war are far more deadly than they realized. Venom is the ultimate weapon. And the enemy was never who they thought it was.

Is there one to save them all? Or was Immunity the ultimate lie?


Kindle Box Set

All five books in the series are available as a kindle box set.